Middle C

1st Piano Lesson


A good place to begin on the piano is to learn middle C, which is located to the left of a group of 2 black notes, (roughly) in the middle of the piano.

The Note C

Finding Middle C

In the above diagram, the top image represents the note Middle C (the lower image shows the location of the note on the keyboard).

Finding “high” C:

Now try playing another C Note like the one in the image below; 8 notes (1 Octave) higher than Middle C:

(the C4 small print in the lower image relates to a full size piano, whereby the fourth C (C4) is “middle” C; The higher C note shown above is therefore C5.)

Other C’s

Now try finding as many C notes on the piano as you can.

(Remember, all C notes are to the left of a group of 2 black notes – we will come to the other notes in the next lesson.

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