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Smoothly, connected;


Legato is an italian term meaning played smoothly or connectedly (literally “tied together” in italian) so there is no break in the sound between the notes. Legato notes are marked by a slur (a curved line joining two or more notes).


Past participle of legare (“to tie together/bind”), from Latin ligō (“tie, bind”).

Circle of Fifths

The circle of fifths organises the 12 pitches of the chromatic scales into a sequence of perfect fifths. Starting on a C, the next note is G (counting C as 1, G is 5), then D, A, E, B, E, F# (Gb), Db, Ab, Eb, Bb, F (returning to C).

Each key has it’s own key signiture showing which combination of notes are to be played in each key.




The italian term Staccato means notes are to be played in a detached manner and are symbolised by a dot above or below the note.


The word staccato literally means detached in italian and is the past participle of the verb staccare (“to detach”).


Fast tempo, quickly;


Allegro is an italian term literally meaning happy or cheerful.


Allegro, from Latin alacer meaning eager or brisk.

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